High Precision Machining Centres
µ series

The µ series developed by BW is based on decades of experience garnered in the manufacture of high-precision machine tools. Increasingly precise components measuring just a few µ call for the highest-precision machining centres. BW has just the right solution - its µ series.

An inherently rigid, heavy machine bed with manually scraped linear guideways in accuracy class G0, coupled with temperature-controlled active cooling throughout the machine bed and machine frame provide the basis for optimised precision. All axis drives are water-cooled. In order to guarantee optimum temperature stability, the entire machine is made from materials with very similar thermal expansion coefficients.

The machines are fitted with a stable, powerful high-performance spindle that has a water-cooled drive and hollow shaft motor. 32 kW of drive output and 610 Nm of torque at 100 % duty cycle permit effective precision machining. Ingenious sensor technology monitors spindle expansion, spindle temperature and fine vibration behaviour. The slightest changes are compensated in a matter of milliseconds.

All peripheral assemblies, including pallet changer and tool magazine are from the tried and proven MCX standard series.